The animated feature Megamind won’t hit theaters until November 5th but you can watch the first 5 minutes of it right here, right now! Over at Nickelodeon, they’ve posted the footage from the film, which is being used to hype up the marketing of what looks like a rather lackluster flick. Do you want to see the origins of Megamind? Check it out…

In the film, Megamind (Will Ferrell) has defeated Metro Man (Brad Pitt) and has found himself bored and without purpose. He tries to create another foe in the form of Titan, a young hero in training voiced by Jonah Hill. The film also features Tina Fey as the female lead (the unconventional damsel in distress), a news reporter who’s keeping track of the hero-villain antics.

Is it just us or does this opening set up make Metro Man seem like a dick? You kind of feel bad for the childhood and the circumstances surrounding Megamind’s life. Every opportunity he had was stolen by Metro Man. Perhaps this is how they make him a rootable anti-hero later on in the movie?

What do you think of the first 5 minutes of Megamind? Are you interested in seeing the film?