Will the casting for The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn ever stop? We understand that the final book will be broken up into two parts but still, cut it down a little. Summit Entertainment has just released new information regarding several new covens that have been cast including The Amazon, The Egyptian, The Irish, The Romanian, plus the American and European Nomads. We didn’t even know all of them existed! Take a look at who’ll be playing what…


  • The Amazon Coven is comprised of Tracey Heggins as Senna and Judi Shekoni as Zafrina. Among the oldest vampires in the world, Senna and Zafrina are descendants of an ancient Amazonian tribe. They have lived outside of civilization for centuries and therefore make no attempt to keep up a human facade. Though they drink human blood, the Amazons have long been allies of Carlisle.


  • The Egyptian Coven is comprised of: Omar Metwally as Amun. Andrea Gabriel as Kebi. Rami Malek as Benjamin. and Angela Sarafyan as Tia. The Egyptian Coven consists of Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia, with Amun as the leader. It is stated that even though they are not a biological family, they could pass for one. Amun is extremely protective of his family and fearful of Aro.


  • The Irish Coven is comprised of Marlane Barnes as Maggie, Lisa Howard as Siobhan and Patrick Brennan as Liam. The Irish Coven, a relatively young group, was founded by Siobhan and Liam, but Maggie’s talent made her an important element of it. They are not vegetarian but they are civilized.


  • The Romanian Coven is comprised of Noel Fisher as Vladimir and Guri Weinberg as Stefan. The Romanian Coven is one of the oldest covens in the world and they were the ruling vampire family until they were unseated by the Volturi. For that reason they harbor a centuries old resentment of the Italian coven.


  • The American Nomads are comprised of: Lee Pace as Garrett, Toni Trucks as Mary, Bill Tangradi as Randall, Erik Odom as Peter, and Valorie Curry as Charlotte. Turned during the Revolutionary War, Garrett has chosen to live a nomadic existence, wandering the world on his own. Garrett has never lost the rebellious spirit of his human life, and loves a good fight, always rooting for the underdog. Though not a vegetarian, Garrett is among Carlisle’s closest and oldest friends.
  • Mary and Randall are American nomadic vampires. Peter and Charlotte are nomadic vampires and mates. They were created during the aftermath of the Southern Vampire Wars, in which Jasper was a key player. They have remained friends with Jasper ever since.


  • The European Nomads are comprised of Joe Anderson as Alistair.  A nomadic vampire from England, Alistair has a misanthropic, brooding personality and a deep mistrust of all authority. Although he counts Carlisle as his closest acquaintance, he doesn’t visit more than once a century.

There you have it. The complete breakdown of the covens. Hopefully, there aren’t anymore hiding in the shadows. Breaking Dawn opens in theaters on November 18, 2011.

What do you think or the latest Twilight castings?