At this point in the game we shouldn’t be shocked by Hollywood’s obsession with sequels. The latest film to get the treatment is the 1986 hit Top Gun. The film that pushed Tom Cruise’s growing star over the moon is getting a follow up 24 years later. According to The New York Times, a new film is in the works and Cruise is likely to return to star.

Paramount Pictures has put out an offer to both producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott to create a follow up to their eighties hit. The studio has a lock on screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie whose updated screenplay will feature Cruise’s character Maverick in a smaller role.

The premise of the film would have Maverick depressed and disappointed at the current state of Top Gun. Producer Bruckheimer said, “the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago.” Sources claim that McQuarrie has spoken with Cruise about reprising his role, and he said he would do it as long as it wasn’t too “obvious.” Um, Tom, your f*cking Maverick! It’s going to be hard for that not to be obvious.

So why all the Top Gun interest? It seems that a 27 year old billionaire/aviator by the name of David Ellison is a huge fan of the movie and he wants more of it. His love for film and flight have been combined in the past with the failed World War I drama Flyboys, which he also co-starred. Even though the movie bombed his producing power is still in full effect, he recently raised 350 million dollars to co-finance with Paramount Mission Impossible 4. Did you see that coming? Everything comes full circle!

Do you want to see another Top Gun movie?