RED MOVIE REVIEW: This weekend in theaters the old gang gets back together in RED to perform the ultimate heist — meaning a bunch of well known actors got paid to shoot a bunch of giant runs in nice clothing. Overall this is very much the film you think it’s going to be; it’s has plenty of funny jokes, moves right along, there’s a lot great actors saying cheesy lines that through anyone else’s mouth would make you cringe and a very thin but easy to watch story.

Check out the review below and decide for yourself if this is the film for you…

The Players:

The Plot:

When a retired former black-ops agent Frank Moses starts to get bored and lonely, he steals a women and gets himself in one last bad situation in which be have to put together his old in order to survive.

The Good:

  • The Gimmick: You get a lot of well known actors, give them a reason to come together, and get to watch some of your favorite action, comedic and dramatic actors shooting up a bunch of people. It’s been done, it’s not that interesting, but it’s fun enough.
  • Bruce Willis/The Whole Cast: Lets face it, there’s not much of a script here, so all their personalities have to carry the story — luckily they have the cast to pull it off. Bruce Willis has to carry most of the film on his shoulders (which quite often is the case) and as always he’s charismatic does an admirable job of keeping the story interesting when there is not much going on. Once again the supporting cast helps quite a bit.

The Bad:

  • Not Enough Mirren: They promote the film like it’s all about Helen Mirren and then she doesn’t even show up until the second act and then only assists through the end.
  • Convenient: Everything in the film is convenient, there are never any real hurdles, just bumps in the road.
  • Quality: It’s not a great film, there’s nothing overtly interesting about the characters or their journey. This was very much made with a nudge and wink to the audience, and it’s fun but not nothing amazing.
  • Leads Dying: This film is all about having fun, don’t kill off our favorite actors!


It’s a fun ride, but nothing ground-breaking. It’s just enough to keep your entertained and the cast is amazing, but that’s about it.

Rating: 6.5/10

RED hits theaters October 15th!

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