Josh Holloway got a trim! Now that “Lost” is no longer on the air, the actor is finally free to change his look — for the better. Over at Coming Soon, they scooped a photo that features the actor on the set of his newest project Mission Impossible 4 and he looks great! Check out the full shot of his new and improved look…

Who would have thought that James Ford aka Sawyer would ever wear a scarf? We’re so used to seeing him up against a tropical backdrop that it’s weird seeing him dressed for a cooler climate. News regarding Holloway’s involvement with MI:4 broke last month and since then we’ve been dying to see what his character will look like and he doesn’t disappoint.

Over the past couple weeks we’ve seen several photos of his co-star Tom Cruise performing stunts and moving back and forth from his trailer. And we were beginning to worry about the rest of the cast because none of them were ever shown on set. Now all we need is a photo of Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton and we’ll be good.

Mission Impossible 4 hits theaters on December 16, 2011.

What do you think of Holloway’s new look for Mission Impossible 4?