Oscar winning director James Cameron might move from the  seas of Pandora to the pyramids of ancient Egypt with his next project. According to Deadline, there’s a tantalizing possibility that the director might take on the upcoming film adaptation Cleopatra, which is based on the book by Stacy Schiff entitled Cleopatra: A Life. If that wasn’t interesting enough, Angelina Jolie is attached to play the title role.

Sources claim that Cameron is seriously exploring the possibility of directing the feature. He’s done the majority of his work at 20th Century Fox with Avatar and Titanic but Cleopatra is currently set up at Sony. Even though there’s a mild clash there it doesn’t put a damper on his interest.

Even though Cameron is talented we think he’s got too many things on his plate to be bothered with Cleopatra. His upcoming Avatar sequel being one of them. Plus, we doubt that Fox would want one of their prime directors linked to the property considering how the infamous 1963 version nearly bankrupted the studio.

We’re interested in seeing if Cleopatra will ever make it into production. Jolie is currently on board but that could change. This just doesn’t seem like a solid sell. What could they possibly show us that we haven’t already seen in the hundreds of other adaptations?

Do you think Cameron could direct Cleopatra?