For the past year, everyone has been speculating on whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt will join Christopher Nolan’s next Batman sequel. For the most part it’s been chalked up as a rumor, and nothing has been confirmed. While we were busy looking at Levitt, we should have been keeping an eye on his Inception co-star Tom Hardy because according to Deadline, he’s up for a role in the film.

Sources claim that Hardy has just been offered a lead role in Batman 3 by director Nolan. Insiders are keeping the specifics of his role under wraps and they won’t reveal whether or not he’ll play a friend or foe but most likely he’ll play a villain. Even if he does take the part in the film, he still plans on returning to Mad Max so if you’re worried about that conflict — don’t.

Hardy’s been confirmed to play the lead in George Miller’s upcoming Mad Max sequel Fury Road, but that’s hit another snag in production, and he needs something to occupy his time. He would be a great addition to either franchise. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Tom Hardy was the best part of Inception. That man oozes charisma and literally stole every scene he was in. That’s saying a lot considering the company of actors he was in.

Who do you think Hardy could play?