The 200th episode of “Smallville” is upon us and will debut this week on Friday, October 15th. It’s only a couple days a way but if you can’t wait that long we’ve got something for you. We’ve found some photos from the big event, which feature Clark, Lois, and guest star James Marsters as Brainiac. What will these three be doing together at Smallville High? Find out…

The episode starts off with Clark and Lois returning to Smallville High for a reunion, unfortunately things get off to a rocky start for Lois — no one remembers her as a student. To be honest, I barely remember that she was a student (was she?). She also finds herself hitting a brick wall when she’s confronted by all of these memories of Clark’s high school love, Lana Lang.

According to Peter Roth, Warner Bros. TV President, “Fans of Lois and Clark’s relationship are going to find this episode particularly satisfying. There’s a really beautiful moment between them that shapes their relationship.” As for Brainiac, he’s going to be on board to drop some major bombs on Clark like, what really happened to his dad, and some secrets about his future with Lois!

Are you excited for the 200th episode of Smallville? Are you going to watch?

Source: Zap2it