Looks can be deceiving but we’re going to give the new Conan reboot the benefit of the doubt. Several images from the upcoming film have been released and they look — decent. A couple months ago some behind the scenes photos were revealed that were less than encouraging but this latest batch more than makes up for that. Take a look…

These images would be insightful if they actually showed something. All the shots are from far away so you can’t get a clear visual of what the hell is going on. From a couple of them you can see a village being attacked and what looks like a young boy training himself to use a sword. We think it’s safe to say that those two images are directly related. It could be Conan training to take revenge on those who destroyed his home.

Conan is directed by Marcus Nispel, it’s scheduled to hit theaters next year and stars Jason Momoa, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang, Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman, Leo Howard, and Said Taghmaoui. Too bad we can’t make any of these actors out in these photos.

What do you think of the photos from Conan? Do you think the movie will be any good?

Source: Bleeding Cool