Bruce Willis is on a heavy promotional tour for his new film RED, which opens in theaters this weekend. After going the typical late night talk show route he decided to make a stop over on “Between Two Ferns.” The actor sat down for a one on one with host Zach Galifianakis who posed the tough questions about Willis’ career and his responses were revealing. Take a look…


You knew the interview was going to be rough once Willis lit a cigarette and got quickly reprimanded by the host. Galifianakis didn’t do himself any favors by asking the actor which of his kids was his favorite followed by an implication that Ashton Kutcher is one of them. No one wants to hear about their ex-wife’s younger, more attractive husband in that way. Come on!

For the majority of the video Willis gives his stern, John McClane get me the f*ck out of here stare, but it does take a positive turn. When Galifianakis brings up the 1980s, the actor lights up and goes on a rant filled with creepy information that we don’t really need to know.

What do you think of Willis’ interview on Between Two Ferns?

Source: Funny or Die