Hollywood has gone crazy over vintage fantasy tales thanks to the $1 billion box office Disney’s Alice in Wonderland earned this year. Everywhere you turn, someone’s trying to capitalize on these old favorites and make them new again. The latest property is Snow White, but not Disney’s version of Snow White. We’re talking about the darker take, recounted by the Brother’s Grimm.

According to Vulture, the new Snow White adaptation has been offered to director Tarsem Singh but before he can touch anything the studios have to get their act together. Apparently, both Universal and Relativity are competing to adapt the same fairytale. This is strange because they actually have a business arrangement, which makes this disagreement even more odd. “Two years ago, Relativity reached a multiyear deal to co-finance three out of every four Universal releases through 2011.”

They need to work on their communication skills because Relativity acquired the rights to the Brother’s Grimm Snow White, and planned on releasing it in 3D, but a month ago it was announced that Universal acquired Snow White and the Huntsman from Alice in Wonderland producer Joe Roth with director Rupert Sanders already attached.

Relativity has sent out an offer to Singh for their project but he hasn’t confirmed if he’ll take it or not. This entire situation is weird. One might say that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you (Universal we’re looking at you), but the overarching picture is more important. Why do we need two Snow Whites? Oh wait, we don’t.

What do you think of the two Snow White scenarios? Which do you want to see more?