Three new character posters have been released in promotion of the upcoming workplace comedy, Morning Glory. The film stars Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, and Diane Keaton, whom are all featured below. Morning Glory hits theaters on November 12th and aside from the trailer released back in May we haven’t seen much promotion for it. Hopefully, this is the beginning of some much needed marketing. Take a look…

The premise for Morning Glory centers on a young TV producer who works for a morning news show that happens to be tanking in the ratings. In a last ditch effort to revitalize the program she hires a veteran news anchor (Ford) to join the show but he butts heads with the current female host and former beauty queen played by Keaton. He doesn’t want to cover gossip or fashion or any of the frilly topics that the show has to offer. It’s old school meets new school and the laughs ensue.

The movie looks pretty funny and we hope it does well. It would be great to see Ford in a successful film that has nothing to do with whips, arcs, or aliens. Also, any movie that uses a slogan, which happens to be the title of one of our favorite albums deserves our support. Come on, What’s the Story Morning Glory?, the awesome LP from Oasis, rocked the mid-nineties and still does today. You know you love it!

What do you think of the posters for Morning Glory?