We thought we were done with Zoolander. After the the demise of the long awaited Anchorman sequel, we were pretty sure that Zoolander 2 would follow in its footsteps and never see the light of day. But screenwriter and co-star Justin Theroux says there’s still life left in the property, and he’s got the script to prove it.

Theroux spoke with MTV about the progress of Zoolander 2 and revealed that the script is in “good shape right now.” He hasn’t submitted it to the studio just yet but he’s very optimistic about what their reaction will be. He wouldn’t divulge any plot details but he assures us that “It’s too funny — it’ll blow your mind.”

“[W]e start off with them in a pretty bad place,” he said. “They’re about to ring 40′s bell. They have to claw their way back into the fashion industry in some way or another.”

One of the things he did open up about is the return of Will Ferrell. The actor played Zoolander’s nemesis Mugatu, [spoiler] who was exposed as an attempted murderer at the end of the film. The writer said that they want the actor and the character to return, but they also have some new villains taking the stage in the sequel and one of them is inspired by Jonah Hill. Therefore, those rumors about him being involved in the film weren’t that far off.

What do you think of the premise for Zoolander 2? Do you want to see a sequel?