“Sesame Street” has been on a roll lately with all of their pop culture spoofs. For it to be a show directed at children, they sure know how to entertain adults. For example, their “True Blood” parody “True Mud” went viral and their latest video is sure to do the same. Are you familiar with those awesome Old Spice commercials that feature a half dressed Isaiah Mustafa in the shower and riding a horse at the same time? Well, Grover wanted to get in on that action and here it is…

This kind of makes me want to smell like a monster. It looks so fun!

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Who would have thought the Old Spice commercial could help kids learn? They must have some type of pop culture section of writers whose jobs are to specifically come up with stuff like this. Whoever’s responsible they’re doing great work!

Our favorite part is when Grover goes from the bathroom to the ship and says, “Where am I? Oh, I am on a boat.” He definitely lacks the finesse of Mustafa, but Grover’s awesome. He can do no wrong.

What do you think of Sesame Street’s take on Old Spice?