What the hell is happening on “Dexter?” Our favorite serial killer is getting sloppy, in more ways than one. This week’s episode entitled, “Practically Perfect” featured the character going into therapy (for the baby of course), which kick-started his “friendship” with fellow creepy guy Boyd (Shawn Hatosy). Those two getting together can only lead to one thing — death. Check out what everyone’s saying about this week’s episode of “Dexter.”

Deb, Deb, Deb:

Deb Morgan got to handle a lot of the jokes in tonight’s episode, first interrogating potential nannies for baby Harrison as if she were in the FBI, and then delivering a very special, unprintable epithet to Quinn if he ever mentions the word “marriage” around her again. He can’t stop needling her about the time they hooked up. I hate Quinn and I find his obsession with both Deb and Dexter creepy and I kind of hope he gets murdered. [LA Times]

Quinn’s investigation:

There won’t be any ambiguity about Dexter’s future, though, if Quinn gets any further in his solo investigation into the Kyle Butler situation. This week, he compared the sketches to a photo he had of Dexter, and it was similar enough for him to make a call to the FBI detective in charge of the case (without ever dropping Dexter’s name, of course). Quinn wanted to set up a meeting with Arthur Mitchell’s family so he could show them a picture of Dexter. Still, as panicked as I was when Quinn was piecing all of this together, my gut kept telling me that this, like other attempts to bring Dexter down, will lead to nowhere. Then again, every time I think I have something figured out with this show, I’m proven wrong. [EW]

Dexter and Boyd’s Bromance:

I loved the whole dynamic between Dexter and Boyd.  Dexter notices that Boyd’s more perceptive than he seems but still underestimates him: after he needles Boyd in the neck, Boyd shoots him with a tranquilizer gun and the two end up in the same ambulance. It was an amusing scene, the guys both pretending like it was an accident but eyeballing each other suspiciously.  Even though Boyd is obviously a bad guy who won’t live long, I sort of wanted him to survive the episode (and not just because I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the dogs on the wall of his house). [The LA Times]

The Murders:

The two deaths in tonight’s episode – the icon shop owner and Boyd – were a little uneventful.  The shopkeep’s head was set up on an altar.  Boyd was stabbed violently in the chest, but the focus in that scene was really on Boyd’s victim. [Fearnet]


What I am not so engaged in are the other storylines in the show, like the cult killings or Batista’s problems with the brass. Not that I don’t care about the characters; but I feel like the stories are so disconnected from the Dexter plotline that I find myself losing interest when these scenes pop up. I hope the writers find a way to tie them in with Dexter somehow. [Daemon'sTV]

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