Like most people, we’ve been waiting to hear a legitimate casting announcement regarding Warner Bros’ adaptation of The Flash. One of the biggest names attached to the role was Ryan Reynolds but he has his hands full with too many superheroes at the moment (Deadpool, Green Lantern). According to Moviehole, The Hangover star Bradley Cooper might suit up to take over the part instead.

Apparently, Cooper was the runner up for the role of the Green Lantern behind Reynolds, and the studio really loves the actor. This is interesting news considering how Cooper claimed that his audition for the movie went horrible. He appeared on “The Tonight Show” last August to promote All About Steve and revealed that he couldn’t stop doing Christian Bale’s Batman voice during his screen test. The actor states that the director asked him if he could do his lines “regular,” but he kept slipping back to Bats! After watching the playback of his performance he claims it looked like an SNL sketch and he knew he wasn’t getting the part.

That doesn’t sound like a good audition to us. But if you look at the actors’ from a physical standpoint, they’re pretty similar. They’re both tall, athletic, good looking, and hilarious as hell. But good God we really wanted Reynolds in this role! Thanks for force feeding us Hal Jordon Warner Bros.

Do you think Cooper could play The Flash?