Katherine Heigl’s back in a non-traditional romantic dramedy called Life as We Know it. She along with Josh Duhamel star as two single people (who hate each other) forced to live together and raise a child after their mutual best friends are killed in a car accident. Then there’s the true story of Secretariat with Diane Lane about a housewife turned owner of a championship horse who goes on to do the impossible — win the Triple Crown.

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There’s also the dark comedy, It’s Kind of a Funny Story about a young man who gets admitted into an adult psych ward because of overcrowding in the juvenile division. It features a unique change of pace for actor Zach Galifianakis who plays a somewhat dramatic role that we’re not used to seeing him in. There’s also the biopic Nowhere Boy with Aaron Johnson, which chronicles the unsettling teenage years of the legendary John Lennon.

You can also try Wes Cravens latest My Soul to Take, which pretty much steals the premise of A Nightmare on Elm Street by following a mythological murderer who “dies” in a river but comes back to kill the town’s children. How original is that coming from Craven (sarcasm)?


Life as We Know It

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Nowhere Boy

Tamara Drewe

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