This week’s episode of “Law and Order: Los Angeles” was entitled “Echo Park” and centered on the murder of a former cult member. That sounds like a premise worth following but it proved to be boring and uninspired. We also get the introduction of the second Deputy A.D.A. Terrence Howard and Detective Ryan’s wife played by Meet the Parents star Teri Polo. Unfortunately, neither of these film stars were enough to make this episode entertaining.

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The Players:

  • Director: Alex Chapple
  • Written By: Peter Blauner
  • Cast: Alfred Molina, Terrence Howard, Skeet Ulrich, Corey Stoll, Regina Hall, Megan Boone, Teri Polo

Episode Title: “Echo Park”

When murderous cult member “Baby” Jane Lee Rayburn is found stabbed to death, Detectives Rex Winters and Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski question multiple suspects, including the cult ringleader Denis Watson and Jane’s former cellmate, Maura Dillon. However, the case cuts very close to home for Detective Winters when his wife Lori, a former Detective, is questioned. DDA Dekker and DDA Stanton find themselves facing a trial where the line between suspect and victim is blurred.

The Good:

  • D.A/Defense Attorney: Peter Coyote was on fire as the District Attorney and he really put his foot down when it came to the Moira Dillon case. Granted, he was willing to bend the law to keep his office clean, he delivered the line of the night. “It’s not about law, it’s about politics.” On the other hand, defense attorney Mr. Ronan was a calculating shark. He shut down every offer and attack the Deputy A.D.A. threw his way. Typically, those defending the accused are unlikeable but this guy had something that made you root for him.

The Bad:

  • Boring: The entire time that Rex and TJ were working on their investigation it was like watching paint dry. Both characters were bland and uninteresting.
  • No Chemistry: Am I the only one who isn’t buying the relationship between Skeet Ulrich and Teri Polo? Don’t get me wrong, I like both actors but their marriage looks like a sham. They’re lacking the chemistry needed to make their union believable. Plus, it doesn’t help that Polo’s character seems to be hiding something.
  • Terrence Howard: Terrence Howard seemed to be overreacting during this entire episode. When he cross-examined Moira Dillon while she was on the stand, he was really pushing it and not in a good way. He had some decent dialogue but sometimes less is better. Maybe it was first episode jitters?
  • Unresolved Issues: What was the point of putting Detective Ryan’s wife on the stand if they were only going to pull her off? They’ve already planted seeds of doubt in our mind regarding her legitimacy as a cop but they never gave her the opportunity to clear herself. Something tells me there’s more to the story. If they keep shaking that tree sooner or later something’s going to fall out.


This week’s episode of “LOLA” really disappointed. The premiere was semi entertaining with twists and turns I was interested in following. During the “Echo Park” episode it was just plot point after plot point but nothing interesting ever happened. Yawn.

Rating: 4/10

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” airs on NBC at 10 pm.

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