At the 2009 BET Awards, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx was the host and offered plenty of comedic skits throughout the night, but one in particular really struck a chord with the audience. Foxx prerecorded a fake movie trailer with fellow comedian turned actor Martin Lawrence for a film called The Skank Robbers. It featured their famous “he-she” alter egos Wanda (“In Living Color”) and Sheneneh (“Martin”). The video was such a hit that it’s actually being turned into a real film co-starring Halle Berry!

I guess this is what happens after you win an Oscar. Anything goes. According to a recent interview with Foxx:

We’re working on a movie together at the beginning the year next year. Myself, Martin Lawrence and Halle [called 'The Skank Robbers']. It’s a Sheneneh and Wanda movie, the characters we played in ‘In Living Color.’ We rob banks from Northern California to Southern California.

If you never watched “In Living Color” or “Martin” during the nineties you missed comedy gold. Both shows were hilarious and they featured men dressed as overtly hideous women. It was fun seeing Foxx and Lawrence revive Sheneneh and Wanda for a special occasion but watching those two in a feature film with Halle? It sounds questionable. And if they have Berry playing her character from B.A.P.S. I might lose it!

If you didn’t see the parody that set this film in motion, you can watch it below:

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What do you think of the cast of Skank Robbers?

Source: Extra