Wow, “Raising Hope” is doing a lot better in the ratings than we thought. According to a breaking report from EW, the comedy has been picked up for a full season by the Fox Network. Who would have thought that this rag-tag group of characters would have earned the network’s trust so quickly?

Fox is notorious for canceling shows before their time is up, and they were the first network to cancel a series this fall with “Lone Star.” “According to Fox, “Hope” ranks as the No. 1 new comedy among teens and young women, and the No. 2 new comedy among adults 18-34. This is the first freshman show to receive a full-season pickup.” Are you surprise by its success? The show’s lead-in is “Glee” so we’re pretty sure that has something to do with it, but other than that it’s received rave reviews from critics and apparently the viewers like it too.

We haven’t personally seen the show but they must be doing something right over there. Plus, it’s cast includes Cloris Leachman, Martha Plimpton, and the awesome Garret Dillahunt. We’re happy he found something steady after “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” were canceled. This is great news for this show, but what about “Running Wilde?”

What do you think of Fox’s decision to order a full season of Raising Hope? Is it worth it?