I wasn’t aware that people ate in Beverly Hills, but apparently when they do, they want the best of the best prepared for them by private chefs. Since we viewers just can’t get enough of people cooking in front of us we have… “Private Chefs Beverly Hills”! That’s right another food show, only this one isn’t about winning anything, it’s about the food and a whole lot of fun (rich and crazy) guest stars.

We had the chance to talk to Sasha Perl-Raver, fellow writer and one of the sexy chef extraordinaires on the show. She gave us the rundown on what makes this show stand out from the pack and gives us some insists as to the special guest stars and the special meals we can be expecting

Find out more in our interview with Sasha below…

How is this food show different from all the rest?

Sasha Perl-Raver: Before Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, Food Network had never done a docu-soap before. Their “reality shows” were competition based. Our show is a combination of a Bravo-style Real Housewives show, offering a peak inside how the other half lives, and a traditional Food Network cooking show were you get to see amazing food go through its creation. Unlike a lot of reality shows, I think our show is more fun and less about catty nastiness. But I haven’t seen the show edited yet, so I might be wrong. Ha!

What causes the most drama on the show?

SPR: Because of the world we exist in, that being super high flatulent Beverly Hills and Hollywood, we can’t ignore the crazy that’s all around us. And, of course, there’s the old “Too many cooks in the kitchen” saying which our show proves will always lead to drama simply because that’s the nature of the beast. But every time I step into the kitchen, the only thing I’m interested in is making the best, most original, unexpected and utterly delicious food I can. We’re under such pressure, we can’t stop to be like, “This is how you peel an apple,” so the audience has to kind of fly by the seat of their pants with us, but that’s a great way to learn in my opinion. I learned to cook by watching Julia Child, Martin Yan and Too Hot Tamales. My dream is that somewhere, someday, some kid will say they learned to cook by watching us.

What guest star are you most looking forward to?

SPR: The first episode I got to cook for Lorenzo Lamas and that was outrageously awesome! He was hosting a Ducati launch party where the food had to be Italian and Argentinean. Hello! Renegade! In a bike shop! It was off the charts. The man was on Falcon’s Crest for crying out loud. And in Grease! Not to mention the fact that Are You Hot or Not was some seriously underrated brilliance which I watched religiously. Lorenzo told me I could have been on it too. He didn’t say in what category, but I took it as a compliment and ran! I invented two dishes; a Renegade Rosemary Dulce de Leche Apple Empanada and a Spicy Harrisa Tuna Churro, just for Lorenzo and, as weird as they may sound, they were insanely scrumptious. Savory churros; they’re gonna sweep the nation. This one had spicy-smoky tuna, corn, peas and cilantro in a corn batter, fried and then rolled in crumbled potato chips. So good!

I also catered a very Brady party with the cast of My Fair Brady, Christopher Knight and Adrienne Curry, who I totally loved on America’s Next Top Model, one of my favorite shows. That was rad.

One day we were cooking for Allison Sweeney from Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives. We were told there was a guest coming and given the clue, “Hot chips.” I thought for a second and then shrieked, “ERIK ESTRADA!!!” It made sense: Lorenzo, Peter Brady, Erik Estrada. The trifecta! Turns out it was Ali Landry, the former Dorito’s girl. She was absolutely lovely, but I can’t lie, I was totally bummed she wasn’t Ponch.

What do you think are some of the big problems that are going to occur?

SPR: Whenever you’re cooking, there’s the constant threat of disaster. You’re working fast, at scorching temperatures, with hot tempers and high stakes, with a margin of error that’s razor thin. Things go wrong constantly. What makes the difference between a good and a great chef is how you fling yourself over those hurdles and watching us figure out what to do next is what makes Private Chefs of Beverly Hills so interesting.

How do you not gain weight on a show like this?

SPR: Hahah! Who says I don’t?

Watch Sasha and the rest of the crazy guests on “Private Chefs” of Beverly Hills as it returns to Food Network for their second season on Oct 12th.