Halo is a beast. It’s a monster in the video game world and Hollywood knows it, but unfortunately they’ve been unable to adapt the property for the big screen. How long have we been hearing about a possible Halo movie? Years! It always comes back to the owners, Microsoft and the studios being unable to compromise creatively. Universal failed, Fox failed, maybe DreamWorks has a shot?

Microsoft put the movie on hold, then released it when they saw how much their latest installment Halo Reach made when it debuted in September. Can you say more than $200 million? Now all of a sudden the movie’s a possibility again, and DreamWorks is willing to give it a shot.

According to Vulture, Universal already put about $12 million into developing a film from the games, so DreamWorks will base their adaptation on the books, therefore they won’t have to reimburse Universal for any development costs. We spoke to screenwriter Stuart Beattie back in August 2009 and he stated that he’d written a draft of the film, and he desperately wants to see it get made.

Stuart Beattie: I’ve been relentlessly at it for the last year and a half now, trying to convince Microsoft to make it, and trying to find a big filmmaker who wants to make it with us. I have a lot of hope for the Halo film, it’s not dead in my book. I won’t let it die. It’s too good to let go, I mean it’s our generation’s Star Wars. The whole thing is so cinematic, I just think it’s dying to be done. Anything I can do to be a part of it, to help get it going, I’ll do it.

If DreamWorks has found a sly way to make the film through their studio, it begs the question who will direct? Will Steven Spielberg get on board with this?

Do you think DreamWorks will be able to get Halo off the ground?