It’s no secret that the internet is the wave of the entertainment future. That’s why so many actors have started working on web-based series. They’re short. They’re online. And they have limited (if any) commercials to destroy your viewing experience. With that said, there’s an amazing new horror/comedy web series called Co-Op of the Damned that’s hitting the net this month — just in time for Halloween!

What is Co-op of the Damned? It’s like Single White Female but with zombies, ghouls, and goblins. Watch it now..

The first episode went up on Monday and you can view it on the official website or below…

“[Co-Op of the Damned] is a web series about roommates from hell. This new horror/comedy series takes horror genre conventions and clichés and gives them their own living spaces with obnoxious “real world” roommates. Each episode explores a different apartment (complete with a different supernatural tenant) and the complex, dysfunctional relationship it has with its human counterpart.

A disembodied voice that has always told people to “get out” finally lets someone in; a machete-wielding maniac meets his match when one girl refuses to seal the deal; and a mischievous ghoul fueled by fear messes with the wrong stressed-out yuppie. And you thought your roommates were bad!”

There will be three more episodes following this one, airing each every Monday in October. In early 2011, more webisodes will be added. Co-Op of the Damned is written, directed and produced by Ned Ehrbar.

Will you watch Co-Op of the Damned? What do you think of the premise?