TBS has released another promo for their new late night show entitled “Conan.” Yes, that’s “Conan” as in Conan O’Brien, who’ll be making the move to cable this fall. For the most part, the show’s promotion has been viral with Tweets, and various videos posted online, but the new TV spot is for the whole world to see. Even old people, who don’t know how to use a computer can access it! The commercial features O’Brien getting down, dirty, and wet to some Def Leppard. Take a look…

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Ah, the eighties was such a wondrous time wasn’t it? Apparently, there’s no better way to market a show than filming a tall, lanky, pale Irishman washing his — desk. The desk looks wooden, and we’re pretty sure he should be using some type of oil instead of water, but this promo isn’t about logic, it’s about fun.

Is it just us, or does the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me” make you want to start dancing in slow motion too? That song is classic 80′s awesome!

“Conan” is set to premiere on TBS, November 8th at 11 PM. Get ready.

What do you think of Conan O’Brien’s new promo? Will you watch the show?