MTV continues to lose credibility in my eyes and this latest development might be the final nail in their coffin. According to Vulture, the cable network has decided to revive one of their defunct reality shows with a new host. I’m talking about “Punk’d!” Who better to catch the attention of younger viewers than Justin Bieber? Move over Ashton Kutcher, the program you created that became a pop culture phenomenon is being taken over by a boy with a wispy bowl cut.

“The tween singer has been all but officially tapped as the host of a revival of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d for the network, assuming all details can be worked out.” Kutcher, who hosted the program back in 2003 will stay on board as a producer via his Katalyst Entertainment company. The original show ran until 2007, and with 3 years behind us there’s a new group of “stars” to prank.

During the latter season of the show, it felt tiresome and unoriginal. They ended it at the right time, but even though people were sad to see it go, the show kick-started a lot of careers most notably BJ Novak (“The Office“) and Dax Shepard (“Parenthood”). Ashton Kutcher is also still making movies out there, did you happen to see Killers this summer (sarcasm)?

Will you watch the revamped Punk’d?