The Hulk franchise has turned into the red, haired step child of the Marvel universe. The only other character who’s been given the shaft more is Deadpool, but he’s over at Fox so what do you expect? In the past decade there have been two Hulk films with two different actors, Eric Bana and Edward Norton. Mark Ruffalo is the latest to tackle the beast making his first appearance in 2012′s The Avengers, and according to him, more Hulk movies are on the way.

Empire recently spoke to Ruffalo about his new superhero duties and he revealed that we’ll see a lot more of him and the Hulk beyond The Avengers.

“They set up several pictures over a couple of years and possibly there will be a Hulk movie. There’ll probably be a couple more Avengers too, which would be fun.”

A couple more Avengers movies? Do they plan on switching up the roster like they do in the comics? Perhaps by adding Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and for the love of God Wasp! It would get kind of boring with the same group over and over again. As for the Hulk, Ruffalo doesn’t feel that nervous about picking up where Norton left off because he thinks there’s more story to tell.

“The way I see it, Edward Norton has bequeathed this role to me. I reckon the part is my generation’s Hamlet, and there’s still some room for interpreting who The Hulk is.”

Judging by the lukewarm response he received at Comic-Con, I hope he realizes that he has a lot of work to do. He’s a talented actor but when fans are set in their ways you can’t convert them overnight.

What do you think of more Hulk and Avengers movies?