Even though the plot of George Miller’s long awaited Mad Max sequel is being kept under wraps, we’ve learned some startling info about one of its main characters. Oscar winner Charlize Theron’s stunt double Annabelle Williams opened up about her role with an Australian ABC affiliate, and revealed that she will be a different type of female lead. She’ll be strong, beautiful, and have one arm.

Williams is  “a 22-year-old Gold Coast freestyler, whose most significant credits to date are bronze medals at the 2008 Paralympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games.” She recently revealed that she’ll be doubling for Ms. Theron in Fury Road, which states the obvious about the character. Last winter the producers sent out a casting notice for “an athletic, blonde woman with half an arm to be the stunt double for one of Hollywood’s most glamorous women.”

Williams will stand in for Theron in wide shots during fight scenes so they won’t have to use CGI to cut out her arm. She has undergone months of martial arts training including Muay Thai to ensure that she can handle the action.

What do you think of Theron’s character having one arm? Are you shocked that they went that route?