Earlier today it was announced that Zack Snyder would direct Warner Bros upcoming Superman reboot. The film will be produced by Christopher Nolan and feature a script from David S. Goyer. In other words, the studio will transplant the creative team of The Dark Knight and pump them into the Man of Steel. In our earlier report we revealed that the villain of choice might be General Zod, and so far that hypothesis has turned out to be more fact than fiction.

The trade hinted that Snyder’s Superman would share something in common with Richard Donner’s Superman II – a villain. The bad guy featured in the 1980 film was none other than General Zod. The character was played by Terence Stamp and he had some serious problems. He wanted to wipe out the entire human race and kill the Man of Steel in the process. We don’t know how big and bad he’ll be this time around because script details are being kept under lock and key.

In Superman II Zod was portrayed “as a pathologically arrogant and pompous aristocrat, almost bored with his incredible powers and disappointed with the ease of overtaking Earth. Zod’s line “Come to me, son of Jor-El! Kneel before Zod!” has become part of pop culture.” What actor can bring all that across in this day and age?

What do you think of Zod being the villain of choice for Superman?