Will Ferrell has gone above and beyond to promote his latest film Megamind. The animated feature about the world’s worst evil villain stars him, Brad Pitt, and Jonah Hill as three heroes on opposite sides of the spectrum. In order to spread the word about the movie, the actor announced a call to arms in Los Angeles. He wanted to break the Guinness world record for the most costumed heroes, in the same place at the same time, and guess what? He did it!

Apparently, there was already a record in this category with 1500 people having done it in the past. To break it Ferrell had to gather 1501 costumed heroes. According to the Guinness officials he went well over that number and managed to amass 1580 eligible participants.

You and you alone have broken the Guinness Book of World Records today, right now, and everyone in a Spiderman outfit wins a new car! No? Oh okay, I was mistaken,” Ferrell said. It’s very impressive that people would come out and have a great time and it’s a great kick-off for the movie,” Ferrell added.

The actor made a grand entrance at the Nokia Plaza in downtown L.A. when he announced the big news. Unlike everyone else, he wasn’t dressed as a hero, instead he wore a suit. Boo!

We wonder what the other rules to the competition were because we’re pretty sure way more than 1500 people dress as heroes at Comic-Con every year. Maybe it was excluded for obvious reasons.

Were you one of the people who attended the event?

Source: ABC News