Danny DeVito is a well versed actor who can do comedy, drama, and some limited action (Throw Momma From the Train?). Over the span of his 40 year career he’s been known for a lot of things, his physique being one of them. He’s short, round, balding and gives “Seinfeld’s” George Costanza a run for his money. DeVito recently sat down with “The Actor’s Workshop” to give them some insight on his upcoming interpretation of Gandhi. Take a look…

Thank God this video is a fake because we’re not sure how much more we could have taken. In the very beginning of this, doesn’t it look like he’s wearing a diaper? He reminds us of an old baby. Perhap’s there’s a little Benjamin Button in there too. This doesn’t seem as funny as the other videos we’ve seen from celebrities thus far. It doesn’t get any real momentum until the very end when he gets slathered with chocolate body paint.

This is nowhere near as funny as the skit that Sir Ben Kingsley did on “Lopez Tonight” where he imitated Heidi Montag’s infamous Transformers 3 audition. That was hilarious. If you haven’t seen it already, watch it!

What do you think of DeVito’s career advice?

Source: Funny or Die