Most of us had given up on Bourne 4 after Paul Greengrass decided NOT to direct another sequel. Having helmed the last two he developed a strong relationship with star Matt Damon, which might affect whether or not the actor would want to return without him. After a long period or silence (mourning) Deadline is reporting that Universal has found someone to take over where Greengrass left off — Tony Gilroy.

The sequel currently goes by the title The Bourne Legacy, and even though Gilroy will direct we still don’t know if Damon will star. After Greengrass left the project there was word of a possible reboot that would feature a younger Jason, prior to his memory loss. Could this be it? The studio has stated that they plan on making another Bourne whether Damon is on board or not. Now, that’s what we call a “Bourne ultimatum” [yeah, we went there]!

Back in June we learned that Gilroy would pen the treatment for the film so he’s been involved with the project for a while. Not only that but he had an integral role in all three of the previous installments (Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum). There needs to be some type of decision made on Damon’s part about whether or not he plans on returning. His loyalty to Greengrass is understandable but how many other successful franchises does he have under his belt? The Ocean’s Eleven series was all Clooney and Pitt, Bourne is all him!

What do you think of Tony Gilroy directing Bourne 4? Should Damon return?