The hit cable seriesSpartacus: Blood and Sand” has been surrounded by uncertainty over these past few weeks. The lead actor Andy Whitfield, who plays the title character had to abruptly leave the show for health reasons. The actor was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma back in March, and the series halted production in the spring allowing him to begin treatment.

After he returned in June, he claimed to be cancer free but unfortunately he wasn’t and it reappeared. He has to once again take time off to aggressively treat the disease. This left the network and the producers in a tight spot, do they cancel the show or recast the role? They went with the latter.

Last week, “Spartacus” producer Steven S. DeKnight stated that two things would happen amidst Whitfield’s health crisis: “The two main options are to close up shop or recast.” He followed up by saying, “I think it’s going to be a little while before we reach any conclusions.” Does he consider a week a long time?

According to EW, a casting notice has been released from the producers in search of “a Caucasian male in his mid to late 30s to play the “smart, intense, passionate” title role. Interested parties must have an authentic British accent and be prepared to sign a three-year contract.” If that doesn’t sound like Spartacus, we don’t know who does. Come on!

We feel sorry for whoever they hire, because even though it’s not the new actor’s fault, there will be some resentment from fans of the show. Whitfield was truly a one of a kind Spartacus.

Who do you think should replace the actor?