Shawn Hatosy is a former child star who’s played every character under the sun — almost. Over the past few years he’s found himself playing cops (or guys on the right side of the law) and he wanted a change. Good thing for him the folks over at Showtime were looking for a new psycho to feature during the latest season of “Dexter.” Goodbye officer, hello creepy sanitation guy.

On “Dexter,” Hatosy plays Boyd Fowler, a sanitation worker responsible for dead animal control. He revels in his work, no matter how disturbing it may seem to the average person.

“It’s exciting to him,” Hatosy says of his character’s job. “It’s those kind of unusual things that the writers give you that you just kind of go with and accept. There’s no reservation; you just kind of jump in. There’s a youthful innocence to his joy in his work, and I think it’s just fascinating.”

He also went on to say that Boyd’s a very lonely guy and when he stumbles upon Dexter they form a very unlikely and unusual friendship. Oh no, this can’t be good.

What do you think of Boyd so far? Do you think he’s a good addition to the show this season?

Source: TV Guide