Here’s a dose of irony. Director John McTiernan who helmed both Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October has found himself in a heap of legal trouble. So much so, that it landed him in the clink aka a prison cell. The majority of his films feature characters who work for the government with certain access to civilian information, and it seems as if he took his work a little too seriously. McTiernan was convicted of wiretapping.

You may ask yourself, what the hell was he trying to find out? Was he doing research for a film? According to Variety, “McTiernan hired a private investigator to investigate producer Charles Roven. Prosecutors case against McTiernan hinged on a 2000 phone call in which the two discussed wiretapping.”

The director initially pleaded guilty back in July to giving false statements to prosecutors regarding his involvement with the investigator and the case. U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer also assessed a $100,000 fine against McTiernan, who was released on bond appending an appeal. His attorney, Oliver Diaz, called the prosecution “overzealous.” The director has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Damn it, you just can’t take your work home with you. It always leads to bad things!

Are you shocked by McTiernan’s case?

Additional Source: EW