Review Co-Written by Rohan Ramakrishnan

The 9th season premiere of C.S.I. Miami hit full-force, Horatio spitting his noteworthy one-liners while, Delko and Calleigh drifting ever-closer, and a psychotic genius on the loose in Miami.  Oh, and about that cliffhanger at the end of Season 8 that left everyone except Delko and Horatio poisoned and unconscious?

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The Players

  • Director: Sam Hill
  • Written By: Tamara Jaron
  • Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Omar Benson Miller

Episode Title: “Fallen”

From the time Horatio holds up a piece of paper that reads “They All Fall Down,” the team rushes to find their co-worker Jessee Cardova’s killer, chasing down clues from Jessee’s labwork to tanks of gas at Dade University. Their crime-solving involves decoding the hieroglyphics of the psychotic genius’ invisible ink code, including the typical bombs and gunfire, plus a reference to a Lord Byron poem.  And, of course, there had to be a sudden turn of events within the last ten minutes that pinned the accomplice as Melissa, the pretty girl who idolized her genius professor.

The Good

  • Eric Delko.  Now that Adam Rodriguez signed a full-time contract as the apparent math whiz Eric Delko, which means there’s no threat that Eric will die this season.  Instead, we’ll be seeing more of him again, which I’m happy about.
  • The Moriarty to his Holmes: Professor Starling (Roger Bart) is one of the more memorable villains in CSI: Miami’s history.  The arrogant evil genius steals pretty much every scene he’s in, even playing opposite Caruso.
  • He’s No Shaq: Horatio’s free throw “for Jesse” was a thing of beauty.  Also a thing of beauty: seeing Horatio Caine playing basketball.  Almost made up for the traditional “YEEEEAAAAAH” one-liner that was conspicuously absent this episode.

The So-So

  • Eric and Calleigh.  Well, Eric and Calleigh aren’t dating.  As usual.  But the chemistry is still there when Eric and Calleigh share a scene in which she discovers sand in a bullet, a clue in our case against Jessee’s killer.  Obviously, in lieu of Jessee’s death, romance would be out of the question, but we can probably look forward to a flourishing relationship between the two as the season progresses.

The Bad

  • Jesse Cardoza Dies. Starting off the new season with one less team member.  Walter talks to Jesse’s dead body, telling him about how he talked to his mom recently and plays basketball by himself at the end of the show.  Calleigh holds Jessee’s hand.  They all show up at the basketball court to show Walter that they are there for him during his time of sadness.  And it would all be weird instead of touching if it weren’t for the fact that the rest of the episode shows them all undyingly focused on their work, addressing the task at hand (catching Jessee’s killer to both avenge his death and ensure the safety of others) before they acknowledge their grief.  Not a tearjerker by any means, but a tinge of sadness to the high-energy episode.
  • Is this really necessary: CSI: Miami continues to be the lead producer of unnecessary CGI explanations.  In this episode, they felt the need to illustrate the fact that an ink printer uses ink via an inside look at a virtual printer, where we saw it shooting – surprise! – ink.  Thanks, guys.
  • You Do the Math: Math is great in classrooms, but not so much in a fast-paced detective show.  So why are we treated to a two-minute scene where Delko laboriously chugs through numbers?
  • OK, We Get It: Jesse’s death was massively overdramatized in this episode – he was at best a minor recurring character, and yet everyone is acting like a titan has fallen.  This is probably to compensate for the fact that his name will likely never be mentioned again during the course of the show, but still.

The Quotable:

  • “Oh, someone’s going to die – but it’s not going to be us.”
  • “When someone lies to me, it really, really hurts my feelings.”
  • “You just happen to have that memorized?”  “I’m English.  It’s in my blood.”


The fact that the crew must work together to not only solve the murder of one of their own but also keep the public safe from the man who successfully killed one of their crew kicks off the season with one of the more intense episodes of C.S.I. Miami.

Rating: 7.5/10

C.S.I. Miami airs Sundays at 10pm on CBS.

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