Today, we’ll see if Justin Timberlake really has what it takes as an actor. The former boy bander and Grammy award winner has spent the last few years honing his acting craft. With David Fincher’s The Social Network he gets a prime opportunity to show us what he’s got. In the film he plays Sean Parker, the founder of the controversial music site Napster and future president of Facebook. Even though Parker is alive and well, Timberlake never had a real conversation with the man, so how did he pull off his picture perfect portrayal?

When asked about his preparation for the part, Timberlake admitted that he met Parker briefly before he was even in talks for the role.

Justin Timberlake: I briefly bumped into him in New York one time, but we spoke for probably all of two minutes. And, ironically, I met him before I was cast in the role. There was about a 3 week period where I was going through an audition process that it had been announced that I was going to play the role. We met briefly. He seemed to be very nice, but we didn’t really talk about much. He just mentioned that he had read the script and he thought that I was going to be playing the part. I think that when I read the first two scenes, I thought, ‘How can you not love this guy?’ His brashness, his sort of cynical wit, his brilliance just popped off the page.

We’re not sure how in depth Timberlake’s research was but he managed to pull off a cool and confident performance that exudes the bravado that Parker is known for.

The Social Network is in theaters now.

Do you think Timberlake has what it takes to pull this off?