Everybody’s favorite mokumentary is officially back! Now that last week’s premiere is in the rear-view mirror, we can roll up our sleeves and start digging into the season with episode 2, “Counseling. “The Office” has a history of starting slow and finishing fast, and last night’s installment didn’t do anything to reverse that trend.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Counseling”

Because Michael ‘physically assaulted’ (spanked) his nephew/office secretary, corporate has assigned him to undergo six hours of counseling with Toby as punishment. Dwight plots to get revenge on a store in the Steamtown Mall after being rebuked by one of their managers. And after failing yet another sales call, Pam conspires to change her career trajectory by changing her job title.

The Good:

  • Dwight, bitches. Ever since the middle of season 1, Dwight’s been the series’ scene-stealing star. This season has provided him and the fans with one of the juiciest, most pointless plotlines since Ryan turned into a hipster tool bag. Dwight is now the owner of the plaza building that houses their Sabre branch, and he’s fully capable of unleashing his shenanigans on a much wider (and therefore better) scale. This was a true stroke of genius by the writers because he now has an unlimited number of ways to creep into every other character’s otherwise mundane lives. Last night’s intro hinted at this when he decided to build an awful-beyond-belief daycare center in a storage room and graciously gave Jim & Pam the option of having their daughter stay there during the day.
  • Mose! Dwight without his clueless Amish cousin Mose is like Batman without Robin, or Mr. Garrison without Mr. Hat. Since Michael Schur – the TV writer who plays Mose - started writing for “Parks & Recreation“, there was some doubt as to whether we’d ever see him, again. But all is well, and we can keep expecting him to pop up sporadically to inject a few piss-yourself laughs at the expense of the rest of civilized Scranton, PA.
  • Michael vs. Toby. Michael vs. Toby is undoubtedly one of the best pointless rivalries in the history of comedy, right up there with Homer vs. Flanders and Jerry vs. Newman (“Seinfeld”). Anytime they interact, awkward sparks fly, and we’re once again wondering if Michael will ever accept Toby, but secretly hoping he won’t because it’s too damn funny watching him walk all over the poor guy.

The Bad:

  • Dwight + Angela. Their forbidden dalliance was bizarrely entertaining, even when it ended up punking the Nard Dog. But for the last two seasons the will-they-or-wont-they-end-up-together suspense just seems like overkill, and it’s not just because Angela is one of the more plainly unlikeable supporting players on TV right now. Does anybody remember Isabella? Pam’s friend whom Dwight hooked up with at the wedding who made another appearance a couple episodes later proving to be Dwight’s perfect match? Apparently, she’s disappeared, never to be heard from again, and with no mention how. That’s a maddeningly unresolved plotline that I hope eventually gets straightened out.
  • Still no sight of Holly. The most tantalizing teaser of last season’s finale was the possibility of Michael being reunited with Holly as his reward for taking the PR bullet for his boss when Sabre printers were found to be defective. But we’re two episodes into Steve Carell’s last season, and still not even a hint of whether we’ll ever see Michael’s soulmate again.
  • Office Administrator, really? I know as viewers we’re supposed to suspend disbelief, but c’mon. We’re really supposed to buy the idea of Pam making up a position out of thin air, taking $40 grand from it, and nobody getting suspicious except for Gabe, and him letting it slide because he’s a total pussy?


A solid, if unspectacular episode that stuck to the series’ bread and butter running gags like Dwight’s megalomania and Michael’s hatred of Toby.

Rating: 6/10

“The Office” airs Thursdays at 9 PM on NBC

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