A new trailer has been released for Paramount’s upcoming sequel Paranormal Activity 2. The teaser debuted back in June and brought some new elements to the series – disappearing babies! Who doesn’t get scared sh*tless when a defenseless child goes missing and the watch dog is none the wiser? This new trailer doesn’t ease your fears one bit because it features even more family elements and a ton of new movie footage. Take a look…

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Where are all the children coming from in this trailer? We counted 3 different ones, the infant, the little girl in the photo, and what looked like a 4 or 5 year old boy standing in the dark. On another note, have you noticed the horrible acting? Not to say that the original had groundbreaking performances but this is pretty bad.

Now that the general public knows that the movie and its premise is fake and it’s not a legit documentary, will it have the same effect? Do you think people will still go out and see it even though so many of its secrets have been revealed?

What do you think of the new trailer for Paranormal Activity 2? Is it scarier than the first? Are you interested in seeing the film?