Now that the drama of the previous episode is out of the way, “Community” is back to business as usual. Unfinished business, as it turns out – Jeff meets a mysterious friend from his past who starts sucking him into the world he once inhabited, and the rest of the study group learns some shocking facts about the “new – old guy.”

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The Players:

  • Director: Joe Russo
  • Writer: Emily Cutler
  • Cast: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Donald Glover, Allison Brie, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong

Episode Title: “Accounting for Lawyers”

Jeff accidentally runs into Alan, a friend and former co-worker from his old law firm. While he’s initially embarrassed about going to Greendale, Alan manages to convince Jeff to visit his old stomping grounds. Meanwhile, the study group gets fed up when he starts standing them up for Alan forcing them into full panic mode when Annie realizes that Alan was the one that got Jeff fired. The group plans to prove Alan’s guilt, leaving behind a break-dancing Senor Chang who’s trying desperately to win a contest — alone. In the end, Jeff is OK with Alan’s betrayal because it gives him leverage, he rejoins the group, and Senor Chang ends up a miserable, hopeless loser.

The Good:

  • Double Chloroform All the Way:  The entire break-in sequence where Abed, Troy, and Annie attempt to “hack” Alan’s computer was great, but special attention needs to be given to chloroform Annie. She manages to subdue an unsuspecting janitor – twice! – accompanied by intense freaking-out from Troy and Abed. Easily the funniest part of this episode.
  • Light at the End of the Tunnel: This episode’s Troy-and-Abed-post-credits-scene may be the best one yet. Troy’s reaction to the cartoon Abed is priceless; his reaction to the real one is heartbreaking. And the Looney Tunes reference doesn’t hurt, either.
  • Mwaa-ha-ha-haaaa: Senor Chang’s eeeeevil laugh at the end lets us know that they’re setting him up for a major confrontation with the study group; given his previous track record of unmitigated craziness, that is going to be one epic event. Our fingers are crossed for an episode where Chang hunts the group down one-by-one, a la Predator.

The Bad:

  • Why Should We Care-y: Drew Carey makes a guest appearance on the show, but his role is mostly limited to a weird scene where he drops a coin through his hand. Seems like he was just there to show off his incredible weight loss, which is fine for a talk show but not so much for a comedy.
  • So This Lawyer Walks Into a Bar:  For a show that tries to portray its characters as honest, realistic people with real emotions and reactions, the lawyer party struck an oddly discordant note.  Maybe Dan Harmon just doesn’t like lawyers, but they were all so stereotypically deceitful, immoral, and conniving, it’s like they all stepped out of a bad lawyer joke.

The Quotables:

  • “Tango!” “Sundance!” “…we worked with different partners.”
  • “Your mouth isn’t curved upwards. Did I miss something?”
  • “Any other meaningless conspiracy theories?” “Yes. Did you know that Go-Gurt is just yogurt?”
  • “I don’t know what to do – my whole brain is crying!”
  • “Nothing is impossible here. Animals can talk, your heart is shaped like a heart, and the smell of pie can make you float.”


While the main “Alan and Jeff” plot meandered a bit, there were enough funny scenes and subplots throughout to make this a fun, enjoyable episode. It’s not “Community’s” best, but it’s not a bad way to spend a half hour.

Rating: 7/10

“Community” airs Thursdays on NBC at 8PM

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