If you’ve attended the annual event known as Comic-Con, you’ve heard the rumors that it might move from San Diego, California to another city in the near future. The number of attendees continues to grow each year and there was a notable difference in on site activities this past July. Even though there are serious problems that need to be looked at, a new report confirms that Comic-Con will stay in San Diego for the foreseeable future.

In Thursday’s edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune, it was announced that Comic-Con has renewed its deal with the city and the Convention Center. The contract was initially supposed to end in 2012 and with that time nearing several other cities including Anaheim and Los Angeles tried to lure the event to them.

There have been many complaints about San Diego being too small to contain the convention, which explains the off-site events that occurred this year. When it began 40 years ago there were only about 300 attendees in comparison to 2010′s 130,000. Comic-Con pumps over $163 million into San Diego’s economy and there’s no way they were letting that money go.

Besides over crowing, the biggest problem surrounding Comic-Con are the hotels. The prices are utterly ridiculous and they capitalize on visitors in the worst possible way. The Tribune states that 64 San Diego hotels in the vicinity of the Convention Center have committed to discounted rates through 2015. Thank you!

So, if you were worried about the big move, ease your fears. Comic-Con isn’t going anywhere.

Are you excited or disappointed that Comic-Con is staying in San Diego?