Case 39, the horror film that should have been/was supposed to be release some time ago but was put on hold despite it’s A-list cast including Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, finally hits theaters this weekend. No one knows what exactly kept this film out of theaters but apparently it’s so scary it’s even got the actors freaked out! The film is about a social worker named Emily Jenkins (Zellweger) who tries to save a 10 year old girl from an abusive home — but she slowly starts to find out that there might be a damn good reason why all her parents want to kill her (The Ring much?)

Check out two creepy clips from the film below…

Bradley talks about the film…

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Better start swimming Renee…

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In the film, the girl’s parents continue with their attempts on their daughter’s life Emily enlists a detective (McShane) to help her with the case. From there, they along with a psychiatrist, played by Cooper try to get to the root of her troubles. Unfortunately, dark forces surrounding the young girl come to light and their attempts to protect her only bring on greater horror.

Been there! Done that! But it does have some cool twists and I’m sure it’ll have you squirming in your seat!

The movie hits theaters today, October 1st.

Will you be buying a ticket for it?