This week’s episode of “Undercovers” entitled “Instructions” takes our unconventional couple to Turks and Caicos — to kick some ass! There’s a kidnapping plot wrapped in an international terrorism scheme for good measure, which makes this episode a lot more enjoyable than the pilot. Check out the review…

The Players:

  • Written By: JJ Abrams, Josh Reims
  • Cast: Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ben Schwartz, Carter MacIntyre, Mekia Cox, Gerald McRaney

Episode Title: “Instructions”

A scientist is kidnapped by a private security officer in Pakistan and forced to make a bomb against her will. If she doesn’t comply with her captor’s demands her husband will be murdered. The CIA and Shaw pick up on the incident, rope in the Blooms, and force them to team up with their old comrade Leo to find the woman.

The Good:

  • Hoyt’s Grand Entrances: I hope they keep this up, Hoyt has yet to make a normal entrance. He’s always in costume and undercover as some outlandish character. Last time it was an Italian waiter, this time he’s a cabana boy, followed by a business man complete with a beard and suitcase. You never know what he’s going to wear next.
  • Everyone’s Got a Sharp Tongue: The entire cast was on fire this week with their witty quips. Shaw kicked it off when he said the thought of sending Sam and Steven to an exotic locale knowing that their skills are rusty pains him deeply…in the groin. Who saw that statement coming from him? Next, Hoyt once again brought the gold when he was trying to give Steven pointers on how to use a tracker but quickly retracted his advice by saying, ” You’re Picasso, I’m a brush salesman, who am I to tell you how to paint?” Hilarious.
  • Change Clothes: Yes, the cast is filled with attractive people and that changing scene in the parking lot was straight out of a Versace ad. It literally looked like we were watching the backstage antics of a runaway show. In the words of Will Smith in Men in Black, “They make this look good.”

The So-So:

  • Knife Fight?!: Who starts a knife fight in a public setting at a summit of all places? Did Kruger really think he was going to get away with that? Even if Steven didn’t take him down, the security or local cops would have seen him assaulting a man and intervened. That was an obvious excuse to have an action sequence.

The Bad:

  • Lizzy, The Sister From Hell: She is so annoying. I want her gone yesterday. Popping into various scenes just to introduce characters and food isn’t the meatiest role (no pun intended) for her on this show. She doesn’t really serve a purpose. I don’t see her lasting long. She might as well have a sign on her forehead that says “Will get killed at some point.”


“Instructions” was so much better than the pilot last week. If they can continue to build upon this formula and flesh out the characters, this show could work!

Rating: 8/10

“Undercovers” airs Wednesday at 8 PM on NBC

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