Is Darren Aronofsky the go-to-guy for comic adaptations these days? Just yesterday we reported on him being named as an early contender to helm the upcoming Superman reboot for Warner Bros, prior to that he was attached to Robocop, and now his name has been mentioned for the long developing Preacher film.

According to Newsarama, close sources in the Preacher camp claim that Aronofsky is being looked at as a serious contender to direct Columbia Pictures’ big screen adaptation of the comic. He’s just the latest of many directors who have been attached with the most notable being Sam Mendes back in 2008. The screenplay was written by John August, who previously penned Big Fish.

If Aronofsky does consider taking on this project it might hinder his chances of directing Superman. Both films are looking to begin production in 2011, which means it will be nearly impossible for him to do both. To be honest, if we had to pick one we’d go for Supes. Not because he’s a more famous character but because people have been waiting for him to return to his former glory. If Aronofsky can do that he’ll probably be worshipped by the fan boy community. Look at what happened to Christopher Nolan.

Do you think Aronofsky should direct Preacher or Superman?