Tim Burton is bringing back The Addams Family and everyone knows where there’s The Addams Family, there’s “The Munsters.” According to EW, producer Bryan Fuller (“Pushing Daisies”) is interested in rebooting “The Munsters” television series. With the success of the revamped “Hawaii Five-O,” TV remakes seem to be all the rage.

Fuller has an overall deal with the NBC network and they’ve ordered the pilot of the new show. It’s being described as “Modern Family” meets “True Blood.” It sounds interesting but isn’t he aware that “True Blood” works mostly because it’s on cable? The things they get away with on that show is what makes it great, and no we’re not just talking about the nudity.

Either way, the network seems positive about the concept and there’s even word that Guillermo del Toro might be interested in lending a hand behind the scenes. Perhaps he can come on board as a horror consultant. That guy knows the genre like the back of his hand.

We’d like to give “The Munsters” a shot but it sounds like putting it on broadcast television as opposed to cable is the wrong choice. What do you think?

Do you think they should make a Munsters reboot? Would you watch it?

Source: EW