After weeks of promotion, the first trailer for the re-release of the 1985 comedy Back to the Future has hit the net. The film was directed by Robert Zemeckis (when he liked working with real people and sets) back on July 3, 1985. It’s a cult classic that made Michael J Fox a household name and Christopher Lloyd’s Dr. Emmett Brown one of the most popular contemporary characters in cinema. AMC Theatres has just debuted the new trailer for the anniversary screenings that are set to take place later next month. Check it out…

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Back to the Future co-stars Crispin Glover (who hasn’t aged a bit) and Lea Thompson who both played the teenage and older versions of Marty McFly’s parents. If you want to catch your first glimpse of the film on the big screen you can only do it at an AMC Theatre. If the chain isn’t offered in your area you’re kind of screwed.

If location isn’t a problem and an AMC venue is in your neck of the woods, make sure you’re in attendance on October 23rd or October 25th because those are the release dates.

Will you be checking out Back to the Future on the big screen?