As kids, we all had fantasies of finding the right technology or chemical formula that would give us the same strength and power of our favorite comic book heroes. What if I told you it was out there? The folks over at Raytheon have made that dream come true for those who are fans of Marvel’s Iron Man. The hero is known for his tough body armor which multiplies his strength and allows him to take on high levels on impact. Co-star Clark Gregg recently visited the company to see what all the fuss is about and we’ve got the video below…

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The suit is being called the XOS 2. It can give a soldier the strength of multiple men, it’s laced with high-pressure hydraulics, and built from a combination of structures, sensors and actuators. The video advertises it as a device used for heavy lifting of cargo and supplies, but no one wants to really use it for that do they?

The only down side to this is its design. It’s nowhere near as sleek as the Marvel Iron Man suit and there are no openings for plasma charged beams. We don’t think they would give that type of power to people moving boxes.

What do you think of Raytheon’s XOS 2 suit?

Source: LA Times