Robert Zemeckis has strayed from live action films so long that we’re beginning to think he hates real people. The director of last year’s CGI animated A Christmas Carol, may be taking on his first live action project in a decade according to Deadline. Zemeckis has his eye on a sci-fi flick that will feature time travel called, you guessed it, Timeless.

It’s been almost a decade since Zemeckis’ last live action film Cast Away hit theaters back in December of 2000. And even though it featured real people the majority of the movie was Tom Hanks talking to inanimate objects. Hmm, starting to notice a pattern with this man. If Timeless has caught his attention there must be something about the script that stirs him creatively. It was written by Mike Thompson and is being set up as a major tent pole project.

The plot for Timeless is being kept under wraps but it’s said to be based on a time travel pitch that was given at Warner Bros. Ever since working on The Polar Express back in 2004, Zemeckis has been submerged in the world of motion capture and animation. It would be great to see him take on this job. And since it has to do with time travel, is anyone else having Back to the Future flashbacks?

Would you like to see Zemeckis do more live action work?