Last week the new season of “Law & Order: SVU” premiered on NBC and you know what that means: new guest stars. Tonight’s installment will feature Jennifer Love Hewitt “like you’ve never seen her before.” She appears in the episode entitled “Behave” and yes, she does play a victim.

According to TV Guide, Hewitt will star as “Vicki, a woman who has been repeatedly raped by the same man for more than a decade.” It’s one thing to be assaulted once, but to constantly be attacked by the same person over a long period of time is brutal. That type of life can cause someone to have a mental breakdown. It’s a terrible way to live but it’s meaty material for the actress to tackle.

According to Hewitt, “Looks-wise, wardrobe-wise, hair-wise, makeup-wise … [I had to] take everything off and be something that I’ve never been before. [It] really allowed me emotionally and physically and mentally to go to a different place.”

“Behave” was inspired by a real hole in the criminal system that has caused countless rapists to go free because of a preventable error. Vicki’s character continues to get attacked because of an administrative backlog, that causes thousands of rape kits to never see the inside of a lab. It’s disgusting but true, and the issue has been brought to the attention of Congress. Hopefully, this week’s episode of “SVU” can shed an even bigger light on the problem.

Will you be tuning in to SVU tonight?