When we finished up with America’s favorite weed-dealing family last episode, they’d been found out in Seattle, and things went downhill from there. How are they going this episode? What crazy antics could they have gotten themselves into? Check out our review…

The Players:

  • Director: Mike Uppendahl
  • Writer: David Holstein
  • Cast: Mary Louise-Parker, Hunter Parrish, Patricia Lentz, Alanis Morrissette, Justin Kirk, Alexander Gould, Mo Gallini, Linda Hamilton

Episode: “A Shoe for A Shoe”‘

Doug discovers the downsides of a low calorie diet. Cesar and Nancy have a meeting. Andy and Silas make a bad choice when it comes to eating establishments. Shane shows off his negotiating skills.

The Good:

  • Doug Your Own Grave: Doug can be annoying and passive as a character but this episode that paid off hilariously, with his crowning moment — passing out from lack of food. Apparently Cesar can’t be bothered to actually feed his hostages…and it winds up costing him.
  • Hail Cesar: Cesar may not be the most likable guy, but this episode, despite holding a baby hostage, he actually comes off pretty well. Instead of trying to bag the whole family, he just wants the person responsible and the Botwins can live their lives without their little proto-Dexter. Unfortunately, Nancy doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo about how creepy her kid is.
  • Don’t Cross the Crossbow: The crossbow rarely gets its due as a weapon capable of taking out an opponent, and here it’s put to absolutely hilarious use by Nancy.  On the bright side, Cesar, at least when someone asks you about the limp, you’ve got an absolutely great story.  “There was this one time, I was trying to kill this pot-dealing mom at an abandoned bowling alley, and she shot me with a crossbow she hid in a bassinet.”
  • On the Road Again: We’re grateful that the Botwins’ stay in Seattle didn’t last an entire season. The plotline would have gotten old, but they started it and wrapped it up in a believable manner. Of course, now the entire clan is back to square one, but at least they’ve got Doug. And they might remember to feed him.

The Weird:

  • Crazy, But Useful: We’re kind of alternating between being impressed and being creeped out by Shane. Certainly this episode, his crazy was highly useful, staring down drug dealers and generally doing the whole “let’s see how crazy I can seem to the scary people” bit. But the show keeps making him darker and darker and it’s starting to get to the point where it’s less funny and more “so next episode, there will be a dead hooker in the minivan?” When we’re wondering why Nancy, not exactly a great mom, didn’t make the switch, that kind of tells you something.
  • Please Don’t Feed the Hostages: OK, so maybe it was just because it was funny, but who takes a hostage and doesn’t feed him anything but artificial sweetener? How dumb are these guys, anyway?

The Bad:

  • Convenience Store: Don’t get us wrong, we liked the episode and this is more of a nitpick than anything else, but a lot of it hinged either on remembering stuff from seasons ago, or doing stuff, like not feeding the hostages, that didn’t quite make sense.  Silas remembering sign language is a good example; at least they made a reference to Megan, but that’s digging pretty deep. On the other hand, Shane and Ignacio reminiscing about a beating was funny as hell.


A fun, engaging, and plot-heavy episode with a few welcome twists and surprises. Plus somebody getting shot in the knee with a crossbow bolt. Really, you can’t ask for more in television.

Rating: 9/10

“Weeds” airs Mondays on Showtime at 10 PM

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