Bad news has struck the film community this morning with the the death of acclaimed film editor Sally Menke, who was known for working with Academy Award winner Quentin Tarantino. She cut every film of his from Reservoir Dogs to most recently Inglourious Bastards. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Menke’s body was found near Beachwood Canyon according to law-enforcement sources.

Menke had gone hiking on Monday morning with her dog near the Canyon but when she never returned home her friends alerted police. This was during a record breaking heatwave that the Los Angeles area encountered which surpassed 112 degrees at its peak. “LAPD Lt. Bob Binder said Menke and a hiking buddy set out about 9 a.m. to hike a trail in Bronson Canyon, in the shadows of the Hollywood sign. An hour later, Menke’s partner decided to turn back. Menke and her Labrador retriever continued on.”

They eventually discovered her body just after 2 a.m. at the bottom of a ravine near the 5600 block of Green Oak Drive in Bronson Canyon. Her dog was sitting next to her, unaware of the situation at hand. Investigators suspect that Menke may have collapsed from exhaustion due to the extreme weather conditions. No further info has been released by the department.

This is some truly sad news. Personally, as a young girl, I loved the fact that Tarantino had a woman edit all of his films. His movies are generally considered extremely violent and graphic, which some women might consider a turn off but Menke wasn’t like that. She was all about her work, and making the material look the best that it possibly could.

She was an amazing woman and everyone should send out their condolences to her family and friends.